Shipping Information

Due to Covid 19, only direct flights on American Airlines are available for shipping at this time. 

Shipping by airline is available to most major US airports for $325. This includes the shipping crate, department of agriculture health certificate, food for flight and processing fee. We ship out of Austin, Texas (Bergstrom International airport.) Whenever possible we arrange for our puppies to travel through United Airlines PetSafe program. If UA does not fly into your area and it becomes necessary for us to schedule your puppy’s travel with another airline, special arrangements will need to be considered. Next, we settle on the most mutually convenient day to ship and I will search for the shortest available flight. No arrangements will be made until we have a mutual agreement. I will call you or email the flight arrival information and care instructions a couple days prior to the tentative date of shipping. Flight times and numbers are subject to change without notice, so we will not obtain that information until just before each flight. I will call you immediately after I put the puppy on the flight with the Air bill number that you will need to pick him up. There will be a toll free number that you will be able to use to verify your puppy’s flight number and arrival time included in the instructions. With that number, you will also be able to inquire about the exact location of the pickup office for the airport nearest you. The puppies do travel in the cargo area, however it is pressurized and is the same temperature as the passenger area. When they are sent priority, they are guaranteed to be taken immediately off the plane with no long holding periods before, during or after the flight. Most families report that their puppy was made available between 15-30 minutes from the time the plane arrived. We do not sedate the puppies before travel because it is not recommended by our Vet. If there were turbulence, he might be injured because he was unable to brace himself against sudden movements. When the puppy arrives, he or she may be picked up at the priority parcel office of the airport, which is generally in the baggage claim area. The airline usually requires some form of identification before they will release the puppy to the new owner. After you pick up the puppy, I always ask that you call me as soon as you can to let me know that you are in possession of your puppy.